Nowadays the internet, social media, and mobile technologies are indispensable for our daily lives. During the past decade, online social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and their social media apps like Instagram have been caused profound changes in the communication and interaction of people. In addition, social networking sites have become the focus of interest for everyone who has access to the Internet and who can use computers, tablets or smartphones.  Especially, youth and university students use the internet and social media as a mass communication vehicle with easy and fast access at an increasing frequency rate for their academic and/or other purposes. These tools are no longer just a good source of information but they have become a good reference guide for social interaction, games, information exchange and other purposes at the same time. People, -due to their nature- seek for entertainment, in order to have a good time and obtain information. Modern consumers use these social networking platforms as well to meet their needs to gather information on many subjects. This research aims to determine the effect of Instagram usage attitude on opinion seeking and the mediator effect of consumer innovativeness on this relationship. The results of this study reveal that consumers use Instagram as an information source about brands, products, and services. Moreover, Instagram usage attitude has a positive effect on opinion seeking.