An alternative urban management model for the standardization of the cities as a result of globalization is ‘Cittaslow’. Cittaslows provide the urbanite the opportunity to live in a city managed by a more qualified and sustainable urban development mentality and where technological innovations are embedded into daily lives with nature friendly principles the. There are 252 cittaslow in 30 different countries in the world and the number is increasing rapidly. In this study, the development process of cittaslow in Turkey as an urban management pattern is studied. In this context, the conceptual framework is included primarily. Next, the development of cittaslow trend in Turkey and the cittaslows in Turkey are analyzed. In the last part of the study, the awareness level and information about the cittaslow is checked on with a field study done in city center of Isparta, which has  two cittaslow districts in Turkey. The present study which shows that information and awareness levels of the public about cittaslow are quite limited aims to increase the information and awareness about cittaslow and to draw attention to the initiations that can be provided by these cities.