This study investigates the effect of reviewers’ origin on the consumers’ intentions for booking a room in a hotel by taking into consideration the possible moderating effect of review valence. An experimental design is implemented and the manipulated experimental conditions are identified as the reviewers’ origin (HomeRev, HostRev, UniRev,) and the review content (negative, positive and mixed). Findings of the study confirm the statistically significant relationship between review content and booking intentions. Positive and mixed content lead to higher booking intentions, when compared to negative content. However, exposure to pure positive reviews generates lower levels of booking intentions than mixed reviews containing both positive and negative reviews. The results also indicate that reviews of local customers (HomeRev) generate higher booking intentions compared to reviews generated by international (HostRev,) and unidentified customers (UniRev,). The relative differential effect of local reviewers on booking intentions is moderated by different levels of review valence.