The aim of this study is to determine the demographic qualifications and occupational-technical skills (job requirements) demanded from employee candidates in their job applications who want to work in the tourism sector and job placements, and provide an insight to employee candidates concerning these qualifications. The study includes the job advertisements of hotel enterprises in Turkey placed on the kariyer.net internet site and relevant job advertisements were examined with content analysis method. A total of 160 job advertisements were evaluated and analyzed regarding 7 job positions within the scope of the study. This study has been considered important as it reveals the qualifications currently demanded by tourism establishments from worker candidates on the basis of department and position and guides employee candidates who want to work in these areas. As a result of the study, it was determined that 53% of present advertisements were placed by hotel enterprises in İstanbul, 24% by hotel enterprises in Antalya and considering in general terms, 90% of occupations being examined within the frame of hotel enterprises were both for women and men and 46% of job advertisements prefer to graduate from tourism and hotel management departments of university (undergraduate or associate degree) or vocational high schools. According to job advertisements, occupations that require a higher educational level (high school and above) and foreign language are as follows: Receptionist, reservation attendant, waiter and bellboy. On the other hand, occupational-technical skills demanded for every profession in job advertisements were determined separately according to relevant positions.