A wide variety of forms of communication have been used in the context of marketing efforts from past to present.  Certainly, one of the most important forms of communication is advertising. Through advertising, businesses cater to the consumer audience and strive to provide a strong brand, brand awareness, brand awareness and brand identity. Advertising slogans that help to ensure brand awareness and awareness in brand identity are frequently used in product and many marketing applications. Understanding the impact of advertising slogans, which are thought to have an impact on creating strong brands, will have an even more positive impact on the branding process. In order to understand this effect, a face-to-face questionnaire study was applied to the consumers in Muğla in order to determine the level of rememberability of some advertising slogans according to brands. By means of 201 survey data collected, the effect of advertising slogans on brand awareness was studied using descriptive statistics. Besides, rememberability levels of advertising slogans were shown in two dimensional space by multidimensional scaling analysis. It was found that the slogan of  “In pursuit of pleasure” was the best remembered. On the other hand, the slogan of "If I get hungry…." was remembered correctly. It was observed that the participants correctly remembered 33.2% of the total of 46 slogans.