The research aim is to measure the effects of organizational culture on the employees’ job satisfaction. In this context, Pheysey’s organizational culture classification with 4 dimensions is taken into consideration. Pheysey, refers to the Harrison and Handy’s organizational culture classification and creates a new model based on power, role, achievement and support sub-cultures. At this point of view, the research is structured around the relative effects of organizational culture in terms of determining employees’ job satisfaction. The study was conducted on a total of 1152 employees and 774 employees were responsive. Data were collected via face to face survey and analysed with structural equation modelling method. The power culture dimension is excluded from the research due to the low reliability coefficient. The structural equation modelling results confirmed that the organizational culture has a significant and positive affect on job satisfaction. From the perspective of sub-culture dimensions, the findings indicated that the achievement and support cultures effect job satisfaction. However, the findings did not support the relationship between role culture and job satisfaction.