Positive psychological capital has been one of the most studied organizational behavior concepts in recent years. Findings of positive psychological capital have proved that the subject needs to be developed with micro interventions, and thus, have led to new researches in the literature. This study was designed to test whether the micro interventions to the positive psychological capital level will affect the level of positive psychological capital of the employees, as well as the level of engagement to both the job and to organization. Positive psychological capital development training, based on the direction of Luthans and his coworkers (2006, 2008 ve 2010) were implemented by Solomon four group experimental design. The training was carried out in 7 sessions with the participation of 110 volunteers from various sectors. The training program led to a 5% increase in positive psychological capital levels of employees but no significant change was observed in the engagement to job and to organization of the employees. The findings indicate the effectiveness of training program, but it also draws attention to the fact that positive organizational results should be investigated via different variables and methods.