In this study, the aim is to propose a model by which the most suitable candidate or candidates can be selected by employing multi-criteria decision making techniques in the personnel selection process. Firstly, the criteria by which a news editor would  be recruited in a media group that is active in the media production business  were determined by asking the opinions  of the experts and managers currently working in the aforementioned  media group. In order to set an example for the future media industry, the study was structured by utilizing the pool of curriculum vitae and interview evaluation reports in a media establishment. 15 candidates were evaluated by the gray relational analysis method (GRA) and the most suitable one/ones among them was/were selected. The fact that gray relational analysis method allows the decision maker to create reference criteria in the personnel selection process contributes to the less costly execution of the process both for the employee and for the candidates. This is because it will be a more proper approach to select the most appropriate candidate for the position rather than the most qualified at the end of the personnel selection process. Gray relational analysis method can be employed to assist the decision makers in ranking alternatives and selecting the most appropriate candidate.