The purpose of this research is to compare the workaholism level of managers and non-managers. N= 283 employees working in several sectors participated in the research. 85 participants reported that they hold a managerial position in the organization, whereas 194 employees reported that they did not have a managerial position in the organization, and 4 participants didn’t report their position in the organization. Workaholism was measured by the Turkish version (Doğan & Tel, 2010) of DUWAS workaholism scale developed by Schaufeli, Taris, and Bakker (2009). In order to compare the workaholism levels of the participants, the Independent Samples T Test and Hedges’ g Test were performed. Both the T Test and Hedges’ g Test findings indicated that employees who have a managerial position have higher workaholism level than those who do not. Also managers working in the private sector scored higher in workaholism than the managers who work in public organizations. Working hours per week were found to be higher in private sector. Results were discussed and suggestions were made for further research.