In this research, Pınarbaşı which is located within the boundaries of Kayseri province has been evaluated as a tourism destination by using the SWOT analysis method. The research was conducted with interviews with stakeholders consisting of 50 people, including executives and civil servants, craftsmen, students and local people in Pınarbaşı. SWOT analysis method was used to raise awareness about the values that could be effective in the promotion and marketing of Pınarbaşı and to introduce the values that are thought to be effective in raising the awareness of the local people. The assessments that have been made have shown that the region has many advantages and opportunities as a tourism destination, as well as some weaknesses and threats. The findings indicate that the tourism potential of Pınarbaşı should be used more effectively and as a destination, its attractiveness and sustainability should be ensured. It is considered that it would be beneficial to encourage investments in order to meet the needs of accommodation, eating and drinking, shopping, entertainment and the like by giving importance to the historical, natural and cultural assets of Pinarbasiwith the aim of development of alternative tourism varieties and creation of tourism awareness.  In positive evaluations, it should be aimed to develop the current level and to ensure continuity and to direct negative evaluations to positive.