In today’s competitive environment, where market structure and customer expectations are in a rapid change, the determination of the factors affecting the purchase decisions and behaviors of consumers has a very significant role in the marketing value system. The determinants of purchase decisions include consumer perceptions, and besides, the consumer innovativeness, which plays an important role in the spread and adoption of products. Purchase behaviors are shaped and realized under the effect of consumer innovativeness components. As such, innovative consumers tend to follow innovations closely and adopt them more conveniently and faster. However, a new transformation is taking place in the current markets with the risk perception that may occur in each market and consumer perception. In this process, therefore, personality characteristics can be considered as an important factor in determining consumer innovativeness, perceived risk and purchase behaviors. In this context, this study examines the relationships between the personality traits, consumer innovativeness, perceived risk and purchase behavior through survey method. The application of the questionnaire was performed on consumers residing in Konya. Within the scope of the study, six basic hypotheses have been suggested. First of all, a correlation analysis was performed in order to determine the relationship between the variables. In line with the correlation analysis, it was concluded that there is a positive relationship between each parameter. Besides, according to the results of simple linear regression analysis conducted in order to test the accuracy of research hypotheses, it is found that there is a positive effect of consumer innovation and personality traits on perceived risk; of personality traits on consumer innovation; of consumer innovation, perceived risk and personality traits on purchasing behavior.