This paper analyzes the factors that affect the perception of e-security in the use of e-government system in Çanakkale using Ordered Probit model.  Among these factors, gender and age of the person do not have a significant effect on the level of trust to public institutions’ websites. Those who have never been married have higher trust in the websites of public institutions. Compared to university graduates, primary and secondary school graduates and high school graduates have less trust in government agencies’ websites, while graduate degree holders have higher trust. Trust is greater in those who think that the state will be more transparent with the development of e-government. According to the income level, it is understood that the people who earn 5001 TL and above are the most positive looking group in general. We also offer some policy advice to improve the confidence in and use of government websites: organizing awareness campaigns, focusing on ensuring the widespread use of the system for citizens aged 18-40, and requiring some public services to be carried out only through e-government.