Local governments at the global and national level faced difficulties at the provision of local services owing to the raise in the population a result of the international migration. In that context, local governments are the closest administrative units for citizens and the demand towards the local services has raised with the arrival of the migrants. In the study, firstly, the concepts of migration, international migration, migration management and migrant have been explained. Secondly, the local governments’ role has assessed on migration at the international and national level. On that scope, the local governments’ role in related to migration has been searched with using the document analysis method and the significant documents such as the workshops’ Reports in related to migration in Turkey, The Grand National Assembly of Turkey ‘Migration and Cohesion’ Report (2018) and Regional Refugee & Resilience Plans (3RP) prepared from 2015 to 2020 country chapters in related to Turkey have been searched. In the study, the target is to examine local governments’ role on the issue of migration, the main problem areas of local governments on that issue and the solution proposals towards those problems. In the last part of the study, some proposals have been made for the local governments on the issue of international migration.