The general aim of this study is to analyze the relationship between organizational support perceived by bank employees, organizational commitment behavior and organizational justice behavior. At the same time, its other purpose is to reveal whether organizational justice plays an intermediary role in the relationship between organizational justice and organizational commitment behavior. In this context, the study was carried out on people working in public and private bank in the province of Bayburt (Turkey). The data in the study were obtained through the survey method. It was then analyzed by structural equation modeling using SPSS and Amos package programs. According to the findings, only the professional experience variable, which constitutes the control variables and demographic information, gave meaningful results with organizational commitment. Secondly, it was observed that the relationship between organizational support, organizational commitment and organizational justice is positive and meaningful in terms of the direction and severity. According to the findings obtained in the last section of the study, it was observed that organizational justice played a partial mediating role in the relationship between organizational support and organizational commitment.