The aim of this study was operating in our country Islamic finance methods exist for examining the contributions given in real terms, Turkey's economy needs to be done in order to give more contributions in the future to offer suggestions on the matter. Semi-structured in-depth interview method is used in this research. Interview questions are prepared by examining literature and expert opinion. Interviewees are grouped under the headings of participation banking, real sector, advisory board and state authority. In this context, different questions were asked to each group by taking into account the area of expertise. The answers received in the interviews were recorded and then transcribed. A detailed analysis of the responses to the manuscript was made and certain headings were formed and the study was evaluated under these headings. In addition, the study also examined quantitatively the credit and deposit figures of participation banking in 2009-2019. In this study, the view and satisfaction of the private sector, the comparison between the participation bank and the conventional bank, the ability of participation banks to meet the needs of the real sector, the transition from a debt-based (bank) system to a joint-based financing system and the development of participation banks are included. The research is important in terms of the fact that participation banking also examines the real sector both through in-depth interview method and the performance of the banking sector in the last 10 years.