Advertisements are undoubtedly one of the most frequently seen activities in the life of marketing. Advertising is among the promotion mix tools of brands; It is in the marketing communication activities that it prefers to be able to communicate with its target audiences, create interactions and gain potential customers. The ads operate in line with the aim of attracting the attention of the viewers, awakening their interest, motivation and activation. Accordingly, it plays a supportive role in mobilizing the consumer, who tends to purchase advertisements. In this respect, in the short films featured in advertisements, fear messages can be used to direct the perception of the consumer to the brand, and even if it does not cope, it can be quite effective in suggesting it as if it has come or come. Brands that use fear marketing, which is a marketing strategy, aim to direct people to purchase by creating a sense of fear in them by subconsciously. This study; revealing how fear messages are handled in advertisements, the effect that fear marketing tries to create on consumers, aims to understand and interpret the truth behind the fear messages given in advertisements. In the study, semiological method was used.