Today's competitive conditions and changing customer demands force companies to develop new marketing approaches to differentiate them from their competitors and gain competitive advantage.  It is a great matter of concern to meet customer demands, to satisfy the customer and to maintain the relations with the customer for hotels. Gaining and sustaining customers’ trust comes true with the help of loyalty programs in hotels. The purpose of this study is to learn the loyalty program usage of 5 star hotel businesses operating in Kuşadası, and to learn the strategies of creating customer loyalty from the perspective of hotel managers. Therefore, a semi- structured interview was applied to 5 star hotels 12 managers in Kuşadası. The answers given by the participants during the interview were noted in question form. Descriptive analysis method, one of the qualitative research analysis techniques, was used for data analysis. The findings indicated that the loyalty programs implemented by the hotel establishments are an important factor in achieving the objectives of the hotels. In addition to this, the importance of the service quality of the personnel with the personalized service towards the wishes and expectations of the customers is revealed.