The psychological capital involving of hope, optimism, self- efficacy and resilience is a concept both provides wellness and eases the focusing on success at the workplace.  Likewise intrapreneurship talent which raises the competitiveness of the organization and the employees, aims to bring forward suggestions to enhance, or re-organise the processes. All the variables affect employees, which is the main source bringing businesses to their goals, and pushing them to become entrepreneurs, should be taken into account in terms of management. A questionnaire was applied on a sample of 109 people selected from the universe of 268 people in the private health sector in Uşak and the relationship of the employees' levels of hope, resilience, self-efficacy and optimism with organizational internal entrepreneurship was analyzed. The findings show that optimism, resilience, self- efficacy, hope effects the intrapreneurship of the employees positively and the intrapreneurship differs according to age, income level and experience.