In the study, it was aimed to investigate the relationships between festival participants' perceptions of festival, their satisfaction, the perceived value of the festival and destination attachment from an integrated perspective. For this purpose, a research model was created by examining the related literature. In order to test the relationships between variables, local tourists visiting the 3rd Eskişehir Street Foods Festival held in October 2018 were reached by easy sampling method and a face-to-face questionnaire was applied with 226 people who agreed to fill in the questionnaire. 26 questionnaires, which were found to be missing or incorrect, were not included in the analysis and 200 questionnaire forms were evaluated. The collected data were analyzed through current statistical program. After the correlation analysis, statistically significant and positive relationships were found between the perception of festival, satisfaction, festival value and destination attachment. These relationships are; the positive perceptions of the festival, the satisfaction of the festival and the perceived value of the festival show that it affects the destination attachment of the tourists positively. Therefore, it can be said that the positive effects of festivals should be taken into consideration in developing destination attachment.