This study examines the relationship between university students' youth leadership characteristics and their self-confidence levels. In addition, the effects of youth leadership characteristics sub-dimensions of university students on general self-confidence, inner self-confidence, and external self-confidence levels are investigated. For this purpose, a field study was carried out for university students studying at the medical faculties in Ankara. The data obtained as a result of field research were tested by correlation analysis and multiple linear regression analysis. It was determined that the youth leadership characteristics and self-confidence levels of the university students participating in the research are at a medium level. It was also determined that there was a positive and significant medium level relationship between the youth leadership characteristics of the participants and their general self-confidence, inner self-confidence, and external self-confidence levels. It was seen that the willingness to struggle and goal setting, ability to communicate, trust and reliability, and decision-making skills dimensions among youth leadership characteristics sub-dimensions had a positive effect on the general self-confidence level of the participants. 56.5 and 56.6 percent of deviations in the inner and external self-confidence of university students, respectively, are explained by their youth leadership characteristics.