According to the “Social Value Orientation” model, the value orientation of individuals is divided into two categories as prosocial and proself. Proselfs (individuals with proself value orientation) are reluctant to share their knowledge. Within the scope of this study, individuals with dispositional envy are described as proselfs. There are studies in the literature in which envy is considered as a feeling and associated with sharing knowledge. However, no study is found on the relationship between knowledge sharing and dispositional envy which is a personality trait. In this study, based on the “Social Value Orientation” model, the relationship between dispositional envy and knowledge sharing is investigated. Knowledge sharing is vital in the banking sector, where knowledge management technologies are used extensively. For this reason, this study was carried out on 175 bank employees in the banking sector. Quantitative research methods were used in the study. Findings show that dispositional envy is negatively related to knowledge sharing.