With the technological developments that facilitate human life, concepts such as smart city, smart tourism, smart hotel have emerged. The aim of this study is to examine the smart tourism potential of Kuşadası, to determine the studies conducted in this field and to learn the opinions and evaluations of the tourism stakeholders on the applicability of the smart tourism model in Kuşadası. Within the scope of the study, literature information about the concepts of smart city, smart tourism and smart hotel has been given and the applications of this issue in the world and in Turkey has addressed. Afterwards, research findings were obtained by using semi-structured interview technique with a total of 15 people: 6 hotel managers, 4 professional tourist guides, 3 travel business managers, Kuşadası Municipality and Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce managers. According to the results of this study, it has been determined that Kuşadası is at the bottom rung of the ladder towards being a smart city. In this regard, it has been revealed that Kuşadası Municipality has not developed too many plans, projects, and smart tourism applications have been used mostly by hotel and travel companies.