Dissent plays an important role in organizations. For an organization to be successful, employees should be able to offer solutions to problems, object to unethical practices, and question how they can work more efficiently and effectively. Dissent is an important arena of study because of the positive effects that it can have on the organization as well as the importance of giving voice to employees. Therefore, the expression of dissent is an important communication activity that attracts the attention of the organizational researchers. This study includes a study which examines the effect of job satisfaction on organizational dissent and the effect of organizational dissent on intention to leave the organization. A survey was conducted on 472 people who work in Istanbul. The results of this study reveal that job satisfaction has a direct relationship with vertical organizational dissent, vertical organizational dissent has an inverse and horizontal organizational dissent a direct relationship with intention to leave the organization, whereas job satisfaction has an inverse relationship with intention to leave the organization. The results also reveal that vertical organizational dissent has a mediating effect on the relationship between job satisfaction and intention to leave the organization.