Over the last three decades, global competition has changed dramatically. Given the changing customer needs with globalization, the marketing strategies for managing customer behaviors have become even more critical. There is an abundance in studies examining the effect of marketing mix on customer behaviors. While they implicitly suggest that technology marketing which enables the acquisition of information and management of commercialization processes, is critical for businesses in a changing technology environment, research has so far overlooked how technology marketing transmits the impact of marketing mix to consumer behavior. Studies mainly examined the effects of technology marketing on customer behaviors, however the simultaneous effect of marketing mix and technology marketing on consumer behavior still begs for examination. In this study survey method is administered in order to collect the data to test our hypotheses. The snowball sampling that is a nonrandom sampling technique, was used to distribute the survey to the employees of the airline sector through chain referrals. Using the data collected the indirect effect of marketing mix on consumer behavior through the mediating role of technology marketing is examined. The data generated by 193 airline employees revealed that there is a direct relationship between marketing mix and technology marketing, a direct relationship between technology marketing and customer satisfaction and purchase intention, and that technology marketing has a mediating effect between marketing mix and customer satisfaction and purchase intention. The study makes an important contribution to the literature by offering an alternate explanation on how marketing mix indirectly affects consumer behavior through technology marketing.