The role of the emotional labor exhibited by the employees is more important in the labor-intensive service enterprises such as hotel businesses compared to tochnology-intensive enterprises. In the literatüre, there are some studies to test the relationship and the effect between various variables anad emotonal labour. However, the lack of any study examing the effects of percieved corporate prestige on the emotional labour exhibited by employees constitutes the starting point;  testing to the effects of corporate percieved prestige on surface, genuine and deep behaviour constitutes the main purpose of this research. For this purpose, a research has been conducted by using face to face survey method on the personnel working in tourism certified hotel establishments operating in Elâzığ. The reliability and validity analyzes of the data obtained from the study were analyzed in SPSS program. Then, in order to test the effects of perceived corporate prestige on the emotional labor of the employees, structural equality model analysis was performed in the AMOS program. According to the findings, it was found that perceived institutional prestige affect the surface behavior dimension of emotional labor negatively and significantly, while it affects genuine behavior and deep behavior dimensions positively and significantly.