Industry 4.0 is a disruptive concept for almost every industry in the world. In Industry 4.0 vision, smart manufacturing systems are expected to have a disruptive effect at every stage of the value chain. Logistics sector is one of the few sectors which will be most affected. Although the impact of Industry 4.0 applications on the logistics sector is examined in the existing literature, not enough work exists on the impact of Industry 4.0 on operational efficiency in logistics. In this research, the effect of Industry 4.0 applications on operational efficiency is examined. Operational efficiency is discussed with regard to transportation management, warehouse and inventory management, order management, customer service and cost efficiency perspectives. The research is conducted by undertaking in-depth inverviews,  with the top and middle level executives of some of the most competent companies of the sector. In order to ensure data reliability Kappa Analysis were used. While performing data analysis, embedded, axial and selective codes were created and an embedded theory was developed.