In today’s markets, which are characterized with the strong competitive environment, successful customer retention is the ultimate target for all brands to survive. A strong Customer Based Brad Equity (CBBE) is an important competitive enabler which helps brands to generate satısfactory returns on their marketing investment and get them closer to their customer retention targets. However, this does not assure the unconditional retention and loyalty of consumers since the relationship is subject to continuous interactions between the brand and consumers which may eventually result in satisfactory as well as unsatisfactory customer experiences. This study contributes to the marketing literature by conceptualizing the Customer Based Brand Tolerance (CBBT) construct and develop and validate a scale which measures the CBBT strength of brands in a retailing context. In line with this target, the scale was developed and validated by following a three step procedure borrowed by the existing literature. Results confirm the three sub-dimensions of CBBT scale as Performance, Price and Communication Tolerance.