In the last few years, due to the surge in the attention towards leadership and the lack of a review mapping the effects of leadership on organizational performance, we believe its coherent to provide a clear review on leadership and how it affects organizational performance. This paper aims to review empirical studies on leadership and organizational performance with the aim of constructing a comprehensive model to conceptualize existing literature. The authors reviewed main journals with impact factor of over 2 and all Leadership titled SSCI journals. As a result, 687 studies published between 1957 and 2017 were analyzed, out of which 486 met the criteria of being empirical studies on leadership and performance. Out of the 486, 20 articles used Organizational Performance as their dependent variable, thus were included in our model. In doing so, the authors aim to extend the field in three ways: First, based on their review, the authors mapped a comprehensive model of the effects of leadership style and leadership characteristics through moderators and organizational mediators on organizational performance. Second, the authors, through vigorous examination, display and evaluate existing variables and measures on leadership and organizational performance within the literature. Finally, the authors aim to contribute to the field by presenting a detailed future research agenda and practical considerations for managerial implications.