Businesses that are internationalized in a short period of time after their establishment are increasing in worldwide. This study focuses on “networks”, which are considered as one of the fundamental dynamics of the success of these firms. The aim of the research is to reveal the role of networks in early internationalization with the help of an example in Turkey. In the research, single case study design is used. The case study firm, is the finalist in the Born Global Entrepreneur Of The Year Category, at the 4th SME and Entrepreneurship Awards, organized by Development and Support Administration of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (KOSGEB). The networks that were effective in early internationalization of the case firm was examined on the basis of social - business networks and was determined what they provide for early internationalization. The data is obtained through the semi-structured interview method and analyzed. Results reveals the important role played by networks in early internationalization of the firm. It was observed that the firm's network, consisted mostly of business relationships. However, it was understood that social networks also provide significant benefits in early internationalization.