The aim of this study is to analyze the effect of emotional labour perception of teachers working in educational intuitions on their organizational citizenship behaviour and to reveal whether these actions differ according to some variables. In addition to this, it is aimed to establish the level and the direction of the relations between the variants of the study. In accordance with this purpose, a questionnaire has been carried out on 829 teachers working in the educational intuitions in Mersin and Kahramanmaraş located in Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Correlation, regression, Kruskall-Wallis and Man-Whitney U analysis tests made on the data acquired from the questionnaire using SPSS programme. According to the result of the study, it has been determined that; there is a meaningful positive relationship between organizational citizenship behaviour and emotional labour, “surface acting”, “deep acting” and “genuine acting” dimension of emotional labour effects “alturism”, “conscientiousness”, “courtesy”, “sportsmanship” and “civil virtue” dimension of organizational citizenship behaviour positively and socio-demographic characteristics do not cause a meaningful difference on the variables of the study.