communication and interaction among consumers and brands. Marketing decision makers are increasingly attaching importance to social media in communicating with consumers. Social media is also widely used in the communication between brands and consumers through electronic word of mouth communication. This makes it critical to examine the engagement of electronic word of mouth communication in the successful management of brands. The aim of this study is to examine the factors determining the engagement of generation Y consumers in electronic word of mouth communication in Instagram, one of the popular social media, and to analyze the effect of these factors on electronic word of mouth communication behavior. The study was conducted within the scope of descriptive research design. Necessary data were collected by using questionnaire among 274 students selected convenience sampling method by students from three different state universities in Marmara Region. Hypotheses were tested using factor and regression analysis. The results support seven of the twelve hypotheses with significant relationships between the analyzed structures. It was seen that motivations of incentive seeking, information seeking, entertainment seeking, and social interaction seeking affected participation in e-WOM in Instagram in different dimensions.