Gastronomy, which has become attractive for many people through innovative restaurants rapidly increasing each year, the cooking shows that have increased with the press and media’s interest in the subject, the chefs who have become stars, the gastronomy and culinary arts (GCA) programs and course, has become an element of popular culture and because of the popularity, the tendency and desire of people to have the education of gastronomy have also increased. Although GCA programs are academically new fields in Turkey, it is seen that there has been a considerable increase in the higher education institutions in which GCA programs are applied and the numbers of the students studying in these institutions and this increase is expected to continue in the upcoming years. In spite of this numerical increase, an education model that defines the information, skills and proficiencies which are needed to be gained by the students and the characteristic features and quality indicators of the education does not exist. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the gastronomy and culinary arts education in Turkey within the frame of quality indicators that affect culinary education in international literature and the accreditation standards created by American Culinary Federation (ACF). At the point of developing a curriculum that satisfies the need of skilled labor in tourism sector and fulfills the expectations of the sector; the data related to the education of gastronomy, students and the employment of instructors are needed to be collected accurately and confidingly and updated consistently. Another purpose of the study is to evaluate GCA education in Turkey in terms of numerical developments. In accordance with these purposes, the literature review has been made from descriptive methods and the current condition has been tried to be determined by benefiting from the archive and document research which is a qualitative research method. The suggestions presented as the results of this study are expected to contribute to the configuration of GCA programs and the improving of present programs.