It is generally thought that first mover firms in the market or who are taking initiative places in marketing with a new product or service have important advantages in obtaining competition. Although there are companies that take the first move in the market and successfully maintain their leadership in the market, there are other studies conducted in which many companies taking the second move gain superiority in the market and gain competitive advantage. While there are discussions related to this subject in many articles in the international literature, it is quite difficult to reach an article related to subject in the national literature. In this study, a theoretical research was carried out to determine the effects of market entry order on competition. According to the results of the research, it was found that the effect of the first mover or second and late mover, namely the entry order on the market creates different advantages and disadvantages for different sectors on the competition. This study is important for the first time examining the advantages and disadvantages of firms entering the market at different timing and its effect on commpetitive advantage.