Person-environment fit is defined as a state of compatibility one or more attributes of an individual and that joint values reflect of characteristics of the environment. Researches which integrated different fit conseptualizations and operationalizations are adopted, is considered as the studies that are needed in terms of the contributions it provides to the person-environment harmony literature. Through in this research, it is aimed to gain a multi-level measurement tool which different conceptualizations and operationalizations of fit used together to Turkish literature and to contribute to the multi-level researchs of fit. In this context, firstly it was carried out adaptation studies of Perceived Person-Environment Fit Scale, which provides direct measurement of the employees' perceptions of fit with organization, job, group and supervisor levels of environment. Then, it was examined the relations of nursing profession employees' perception of fit with emotional commitment to organization, job Involvement and altruism variables. As a result of the study, the adapted measurement instrument provides validity and reliability criteria and different levels of fit is an important determinant of work attitudes and behaviors developed against different elements of working environment.