The main aim of this study is to investigate the relationship between the conflict resolution strategies and the personality traits of type A and B, which are preferred by the academic and administrative staff working in the vocational schools of T.R Iğdır University, a public institution. For this purpose, data were collected by using questionnaire technique on 65 academic and administrative staff working in Vocational Schools of Iğdır University. Survey data were analyzed with SPSS 20 package program. In order to compare demographic characteristics and conflict resolution strategies and personality type values, t-test and ANOVA analysis of variance were used for independent samples, and correlation and regression analyzes were performed to determine whether type A and B personality traits had a role in preferred conflict resolution strategies and sub-dimensions. The findings of the study revealed a statistically significant relationship between conflict resolution strategies and personality types in individuals conflicts. This significant relationship was found to be related to the dimension of the dominance strategy of conflict resolution strategies in individuals with type A personality. This significant relationship could not be detected in individuals with type B personality. On the other hand a significant difference was found between the tasks of individuals in the institution and administrative staff with B type personality, Professional seniority and avoidance conflict resolution strategy and seniority and speciation conflict resolution strategy in the institution.