The rapid development of technology over the last decades has led to significant changes in every aspect of the supply chain by increasing efficiency and effectiveness. This development, which also brings the redefinition of business processes, leads the companies to differentiate in these newly formed competition areas. Online retailing in Turkey Along with this change increases the growth performance in recent years. It is necessary to maintain this rapid growth in the long term, with the development of information technologies and the continuous updating of the infrastructure, and extensive marketing communication activities. For this purpose, it is essential to examine the determinants that affect the behavior of consumers who perform online purchasing experience through studies to be conducted on the consumer side. The main purpose of this research is to examine the effects of information quality, website aesthetics, website convenience and price offerings on the website that affect the online purchasing behaviors of consumers on total customer satisfaction. In addition, the impact of this total customer satisfaction on e-trust and repurchase intention is being investigated. For this purpose, the data of the survey were collected with a questionnaire conducted with the consumers selected by convenience sampling method. The data were analyzed by SPSS v23 and SmartPLS Structural Equation Modelling. According to the results, web site convenience and price offers affect total customer satisfaction. Similarly, total customer satisfaction affects e-trust and repurchase intention. While e-trust also affects repurchase intention, it has been found that the quality of the information presented on the website and the aesthetics of the website are not effective on customer satisfaction. The study helps to better understand the conditions that lead to online shopping and repurchase intention.