The aim of this study is to determine the career anchors, which is a concept affecting the career preferences and attitudes of the students studying at Sungurlu Vocational High School of Hitit University. In addition, it was tried to examine whether there is a difference between students' opinions about their career anchors according to their socio-demographic characteristics. In this context, a questionnaire was applied to 230 vocational high school students and a statistical package program was used for the analysis of the data obtained through the survey application. As a result of the research, it was seen that the students think that the statements in the sub-dimensions of career anchor to a great extent true. It was further observed that the students mostly found the expressions about pure challenge and lifestyle correct. In addition, it was concluded that students’ opinions about security/stability and lifestyle career anchor showed a significant difference according to the class of students. Another significant result that is concluded is entrepreneurial creativity according to their mothers' educational level and security/stability according to their fathers' professions. Further it is found that autonomy/independence anchor also has impact on the economic situation of their families with the service and dedication to a cause and pure challenge according to the level of satisfaction with their chosen profession. Last but not least, pure challenge is also another key anchor according to their desire to do the profession after graduation.