The high level of efficiency and productivity in communication, which is a very important element for the continuity and integrity of an organization, leads to positive employee behaviors such as job satisfaction, motivation, organizational commitment, opposition or low employee behavior such as burnout, intention to quit, cynicism and negative employee behaviors. In this study, the effect of communication style in organizations on organizational opposition, which means propels individuals to speak out and share their opinions about organizational practices or politics, was investigated. In addition, it was aimed to examine whether there is a significant difference between demographic characteristics and their opposing behaviors. For this purpose, a survey was conducted in Kahramanmaraş in companies operating in various sectors, especially in the textile sector. The data obtained from the questionnaire were subjected to frequency, t-test, ANOVA, correlation and regression analyzes. As a result, it was found that communication and its sub-dimensions (positive relationship, openness, negative relationship and work-related) had an effect on the opposing behaviors of the participants.