The aim of this study was to evaluate the graduate thesis of strategic leadership in Turkey. The sample of research; it consists of 40 theses in YÖK National Thesis Database which are accessible and restricted. Research, between 1998 and 2018, includes graduate theses that have been made in the areas of strategic leadership in Turkey. Theses within the scope of the research was examined; according to year of publication of the thesis, university, institute, department, type of thesis, type of variable studied, keyword, scales, method and research results variables. “Content analysis” technique was used for data analysis. As a result of the analysis; it was seen that there was an increase especially in the theses written in the field of strategic leadership after 2013. It was observed that most of the theses used quantitative research method and scales generally used internationally were preferred in this method. The subject is associated with 33 different variables; as a keyword; the terms of strategic leadership, leadership, strategy and strategic management are frequently used. It was seen that the issue was mostly addressed in education, private and health sectors.