Since the industrial revolution, earth’s limited natural resources have been used as if they were limitless in order to meet the needs and demands of people. Although the impacts of production and consumption on the environment have been expressed for years in almost every platform, when it comes to their economic benefits, the necessary changes and arrangements cannot be actualised. However, with the effects of environmental problems being visibly experienced in recent years, things have been changing; and the sustainability of resources has begun to gain importance. In this regard, one of the areas that needs to be sustainable is manufacturing. A concept that have been used quite often recently, Industry 4.0 and its technologies are becoming more and more relevant, and are seen as a means to attain sustainable manufacturing. Industry 4.0 and the smart factories of the future can be used as instruments with different techniques and technologies to perform activities in a sustainable way. Based on these concepts, the main purpose of this study is to find out how Industry 4.0 can be used in sustainable manufacturing activities, and in what ways it can be beneficial. The study explores industrial revolutions, Industry 4.0, sustainability, sustainable manufacturing and how Industry 4.0 can be used in sustainable manufacturing.