When it is considered within the framework of health communication, the correct and effective management of patient-doctor interaction is on the agenda as one of the most researched problems in different scientific disciplines. In this context, the main objective of the study is to identify how patients are affected during dental surgery operations and to reveal the findings for the correct establishment of patient-doctor interaction.  An interdisciplinary approach is adopted by using a combination of dentistry and communication science perspectives. In this context, 120 patients (70 females, 50 males) underwent dental extraction; during the operations, biometric data were collected in three different phases from 12 patients (electrodermal SCL value). During the whole process, in addition to biometric data, other findings were obtained by participant action research technique based on participatory observation by both researchers. As a result of the research, the results of how to take action in order to strengthen the patient-doctor interaction and make it more comfortable on both sides were obtained. Interdisciplinary and multiple methodology-based approach of the study; the fact that it presents an original and exemplary scientific application structure is considered important in terms of being an example for the studies that are going on in the context of health communication.