Consumer buying behavior is due to the elimination of a need. Consumers who make the purchasing process demonstrate this behavior with their strong attitudes. Rational drug use is primarily concerned with public health and the interests of the community. The misuse of medicines resulting from people having easy access to medicines, insufficient knowledge about medicines or behavioral problems in medication use have increased today and harmful side effects emerged as a result. In this study, it was investigated whether there is a meaningful difference between the knowledge levels and the factors affecting  the behaviors of the consumers in Sivas province and its districts. Survey studies consist of two periods which were summer and winter seasons and 463 people were surveyed. According to the findings of the study, the majority of the surveyed consumers’ behaviors were in compliance with the rational drug use principles and the marital status of the participants, their gender, their progress in educational status, differences in professional groups and the behaviors they exhibited as they age were significant when evaluated statistically.