Fierce competition and oppressing business life of 21st century has given birth to changes in business life and caused some troubles on the side of employees. Unsatisfaction regarding daily working habits has given way to increasing demands of employees regarding a more humane and more meaningful work. In this point, workplace spirituality and spiritual leadership come to scene as possible remedies for the meaninglessness and disappointment of modern employees. In the study, it is hypothesized that spiritual leadership has a positive effect on organizational commitments of employees and the sense of meaning act as a mediator in this relationship. In this paper, we will first explain the spiritual constructs like workplace spirituality and spiritual leadership. And than we will explain our research regarding the relationship among spiritual leadership, sense of meaning and organizational commitment in details. In order to test the relationships in our model a field research has been applied on 800 turkish academicians by using online and face to face surveys. And 190 usable answers have been obtained. Results of the study has been analyzed by using SPSS. 22 program.