Employees are the key to the success of businesses. The more positive the attitudes of employees towards their jobs, the more they do not want to leave. In that case they can focus more on their work and contribute more to the objectives of the firm. It is thought that a management that provides services, not only support to employees, will affect the employees' attitudes towards work. In this study, the concept of servant leadership, which provides concrete support for the employees to do their job better, is discussed. The effect of employees' servant leadership perceptions on their attitudes towards work is examined. The study also investigates how the attitudes of employees towards work affect the intention to quit. The questionnaire prepared within this scope was applied to private sector employees in Şırnak province. According to the results, there was a positive relationship between servant leadership and the attitude towards the work itself, working conditions and attitudes towards colleagues. A negative relationship was also found between the attitude towards work and intention to quit.