Consumption of organic products both in Turkey and globally has become an attractive issue of today's marketing world with the ever-growing market size. Organic products, which are often associated with “fresh, natural, additive-free and local” in the mind of the consumer, are consumed not only by the product characteristics but also by consumers’ social responsibility, health consciousness and quest for new tastes. In the study, factors that affect the intention of purchasing organic products (health consciousness, social responsibility awareness, and search for new tastes) were put forward and the moderating role of price perception in the relationship between these factors and the intention to purchase organic products was examined. At the end of the analysis, it is suggested that there is no statistically significant difference in the intention of purchasing organic products according to the demographic characteristics of consumers, while the consumer's health and social responsibility have a positive effect on purchase intention on organic products. It is observed that price perception has a negative moderating effect on those relations. Findings show that the organic product consumer’s priority is not the price in decision making and that they are consumers with lowprice sensivity.