In recent years, there has been an important transformation process in terms of business practices and types of accountable conditions in the business world. Accounting education offered at universities will increase the quality to the extent that it can adapt to this transformation process.. Accounting academicians play a strategic role in the adaptation of accounting to the transformation in the business world with the publications they will make on the field. The aim of this study is to determine the sub-interests of accounting academicians working at higher education level. The data of the study has been  obtained from the official website of the Turkish Higher Education Council and the sub-interests of 658 accounting academicians have been accessed. Data mining technique and frequency analyzes were performed on the database created for the sub-interests of academicians. As a result, it was found that academics had relatively higher interest in the rooted areas of accounting such as financial accounting, cost and management accounting, audit and financial statement analysis, while their attention in other sub-interests was very weak.