This study was done to test the reliability and validity of the “Perceived Organizational Obstruction” developed by Gibney et al. (2009) and to prove its Turkish adaptation. Also in this study, the impact of the perceived organizational obstruction on the intention to stay at work was examined within the framework of social change theory. Research data were collected from 293 employees of a company operating in service sector by using survey method. As a result of the exploratory factor analysis on the perceived organizational obstruction scale, one-dimensional structure of the scale was supported. The Cronbach Alpha value of the scale was found as 0,897. As a result, it was determined that the scale measuring employee’s perceived organizational obstruction levels was reliable and valid in Turkey. In addition, it was observed that the perceived organizational obstruction had a negative effect on the intention to stay at work. These results are discussed in detail in the last part of the study and suggestions were made to sector managers and future studies.