Nowadays, enterprises have realized the importance of effectively taking advantage of human resources, which is one of the most important resources they have in order to survive and stand out among the other enterprises they compete. In addition to the many characteristics of human resources, this situation requires researches to determine which values motivated the human resources in the work life.   In this study, it is aimed to determine the effect of work life quality on employee motivation. The hypotheses formed within the framework of the research model were evaluated by using the statistical analysis program with the data collected by the survey method from 152 participants working in the certified public accountant offices. In this context, correlation and regression analysis were used to determine the relationships between the variables and their degree of influence. In addition, in order to determine whether the dependent and independent variables differ in terms of demographic variables, independent sample t-test and one-way variance analysis were used. The results of the study confirm the existence of a relationship between work life quality and general level of motivation and its all sub-dimensions and also the positive effect of work life quality on motivation. The findings also show that 53% of employees' motivation levels are explained by their work life quality.