Due to the inadequacy of manpower in transportation, unloading and stacking of products, material handling systems are needed in businesses. There is more than one type of equipment in this system. Pallets are one of the equipments in the material handling system, which are generally preferred by businesses having a small warehouse. Businesses need to consider many criteria, such as warranty period, price and lifting capacity, etc. in the selection of pallets. Therefore, the selection of pallets can be called as a multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) problem. In these cases, MCDM methods can be used to solve the problem. In this study, therefore, pallet selection was made for a store by using an MCDM model consisting of AHP and EDAS methods. In this study, the following criteria are used; “Price”, “Lifting Capacity”, “Ease of Finding Spare Parts”, “Warranty Period”, “Brand Reliability” and “Fork Length”. The criteria weights were determined by AHP method and the most important criterion was identified as “Price”. According to the EDAS method, pallet alternatives are ordered and the best pallet among the six alternatives is designated as “Pallet 3”. Then, a sensitivity analysis was performed by changing the criteria weights.